Miguel Hernández is a Texas-based musician/singer/songwriter whose recognition stems from working with countless well known Tejano artists on stage and on recordings. Born in Detroit, Michigan, he learned to play multiple instruments while developing his knack for songwriting. After releasing his independent self-titled debut album Miguel Hernández & the Nu Groove in 2005, the sophomore album Después de Mucho was released under Ro’ Records. This sparked collaboration with Ernie Gonzales and Percy Cardona who produced Life in Lyric which was an album that showcased Miguel’s heart wrenching lyrics and progressive twist on a well known genre. Other singles followed, Ningún Amor was featured on the Tex Mex Playlist Vol. 1 and Inspiración was released under The Music Box Miguel’s label and Production Company and Co-Produced with Percy Cardona.

After a short hiatus in his music career, Miguel released Hijo Querido in January, 2016.  A very personal, dear to the heart creation, a song written for his son’s, which expresses fatherhood through his eyes. Due to a tremendous response from his fans on this single and a craving for new music, Miguel is back in the studio. Recently releasing Contigo Siempre Estaré written by Matthew Luna and Se Va Se Va, from his new highly anticipated album for 2017. Miguel states: “I’m really looking forward to the future, and there’s no end in sight...”

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